Campinas is located in the east-central portion of the State of São Paulo (47º04’40” West Longitude and 22º53’20” South Latitude) and it has an average altitude of 680 meters above the sea level. It is 96 km far from the city of São Paulo, the main financial center of Brazil. The Metropolitan Area of Campinas (MAC) includes 19 municipalities and a territory of approximately 3,673 km² where 2.8 million people (1.5% or 6.8% of Brazil’s São Paulo State) live. GDP is estimated at $ 50 billion, which represents 7.9% of the State of São Paulo GDP and 2.3% of national GDP. The majority of the population in the MAC (38.7%) is in Campinas, which has 1.1 million inhabitants. Considering this total, 520,865 (or 48.2%) are represented by men and 559,248 (or 51.8%) for women. The GDP of Campinas is $ 18.8 billion, comprising 6% of industrial activities, 47.5% and 46.6% of trade and services.

Campinas is one of the main destinations for business tourists, it has been ranked the 9th best place in the International Congress and Convention Association. Every year, there are more than 6,000 events in the city. The city also counts with excellent hospitality and has approximately 46 hotels of different types, from simple to luxurious ones, as well as SPAs, ranches and resorts. There are more than 4,000 rooms and over 9,000 beds. The city’s agenda includes fairs, cultural activities, music festivals and theatre. For being such a global city, there are lots of parties that represent the Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, American, French, Arabian and Japanese communities. Besides, Campinas has a rich cultural life brought by houses for events, theatres and a varied cultural program for everyone. Its gastronomy is diversified and has a high quality, including Japanese, Italian, French, Iberian, Arabian, Chinese, Argentinean foods as well as the typical ones. Campinas pursues 4.6 thousand restaurants, 35 of them offer food from other countries, which is very good for foreigners.

Despite being a big metropolis, Campinas links social life with wellness and quality of life, enabling integrative community living and leisure activities. Campinas owes 19 sport clubs and offers more than 45 possibilities of leisure, such as woods, squares, seas and natural reserves. Among them, it is worth notice the Lagoa do Taquaral (Taquaral Lagoon), one of the most famous recreational areas of our city. Also, the Pedreira do Chapadão (Chapadão Quarry), Bosque dos Jequitibás (Jequitibas Wood), where the zoo is located, and the Ecological Park.